Tuesday 13 March 2018

E14 Toybox: DC/Marvel Heroclix Booster Battle - Rob Vs Blake (Elseworlds, What If, Harley Quinn)

Rob takes on Blake in a Heroclix Booster Battle! Each is outfitted with a DC Heroclix Elseworlds Booster, and one other (A What If? Booster for Blake, and a Harley Quinn And The Gotham Girls Booster for Rob)!

The aim of the Booster Battle? To out-guess and out-draw your opponent! The scores work as follows:

Before each pull, we take a guess at the rarest figure inside our respective booster. A correct answer gains a single point. Having the rarest from that round also nets you a point. If you pull a chase, any points you get are doubled for that round!

As we only had the two boosters each, we decided to have a single score for the overall game, making each booster the potential decider for the game! To the victor, the bragging rights (and anyone who guests usually takes a few Clix home for their time as well)!

Will Blake, The One Who Wins...Win? Or will Rob eke out a rare win? Find out in The E14 Toybox: Booster Battle!

The E14 Toybox is a video show hosted by Rob Wade, dedicated to the pursuit and unveiling of Wizkids Heroclix figures. Whether Marvel or DC, booster or gravity feed, alone or with a buddy, Rob takes the unknown and reveals the mystery within for your enjoyment!

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