Thursday 2 February 2023

Fire When Ready - Episode 69 - Star Wars: Legion - Galactic Civil War Gameplay

Your favourite Star Wars themed, tabletop punk-comedy show returns with another full gameplay video for Star Wars: Legion. This time, Darth Vader stares aghast while two tauntauns hump the leg of a nearby AT-ST.

Featuring special guest, Blake Harmer!

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Monday 31 October 2022

E14 Presents - Halloween Game - Unfathomable

The SS Atlantica plows through the ocean, unaware that monsters swim in the deeps beneath its bow, and yet more stir among the crew and passengers.

Who are the heroes, and who are the villains? There's only one way to find out as the E14 Halloween game returns, featuring Ian Harmer, Brad Harmer-Barnes, Kyle Mullings and Dave Mustill!


Monday 17 October 2022

Bring on the Bad Guys - Episode 49 - Marvel Champions Gameplay

Kang has arrived and is tearing up the time stream! It's up to the unlikely team of Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ant-Man and Drax the Destroyer to save it!

Featuring special guest, Robbie Munn!

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