Monday 3 June 2013

Introducing....Sour Crouch!

Words: Sour Crouch

So here we are, then. E14 has undergone a revivification, and with that some new faces, myself being one of those fresh-faced newbs.
Of course, this being my first post, I feel a hello is in order. So here it is. Are you ready?


Let's make it geekier (on a totally cursory level):

Hello, world!


Now whilst you're recoiling with befuddlement at my most perfunctory greeting, let me tell you why you're even reading this. I hear such questions as "Who the fuck is this guy? What in the world are you doing wearing your mother’s clothes?! What does the ending of Lost mean?!" I can only answer one of those.

They’re roomy and I like the freedom.

Sour Crouch is my handle. A name is just the start though. I do things too, as many normal people do. Creative things. If I'm not staring at the TV, you'll find me writing something - be that either songs, scripts or babble. I dabble in video editing, design work and generally have a jack of all trades/master of none vibe about me. I'm in that band too. Yeah. The one you've never heard of. Front man and general grumpy bastard, I sing songs your mother would be horrified to hear. Reminiscent of that Dead Space 2 "Your mum will hate this" campaign.

Now that we've touched on some deep subjects within the first paragraph lets segue into easier territory. Boobs!

I'm not totally without writing experience. I've had blogs, in one of which where I tried to be all ‘cahier du cinema’ about film. Good articles (IMO), but being 20 at the time and crippled with a raging need to go out and dance crazy I fell out of the swing of things. Now I'm out of that dance haze but it was touch and go for a time.

Importantly, what subjects will I cover?

I'll primarily be focusing on the things that interest me. I'm deliberate in my non-specificity because I have a wide range of interests and chop and change them like a kid with Tourette’s reading out the lunchtime specials in a cafĂ©. To give you a little idea at where I'll be focusing the majority of my think space, here’s a selection:

Indie Games (with a lean towards those free horror games *cough* Slender *cough*) Film, TV and the things that irk me most aggressively with regards to both formats The occasional splurt of random chatter direct from Sour Central, recently relocated inside E14 Tower.

I enjoy writing.


Sour Crouch


  1. Looking forward to the new posts

  2. Looking forward to reading your articles! I had my first experience of Slender: The Arrival yesterday. I almost wet myself. Have you played it yet? If so, I look forward to reading your review! Hopefully you can explain the ending to me.