Wednesday 25 October 2017

Cloud Zombie’s Land of Post-Apocalypse and Dystopia

Welcome to Cloud Zombie’s Land of Post-Apocalypse and Dystopia!

This little segment is not really for reviews but instead has me talking about some of my favourite dystopic and post-apocalyptic fiction (Films, Tv, Books and Games). They are not always necessarily good or bad, some of them are bloody atrocious but sometimes that can make it more fun. You get to choose if you want to give them a try if you haven’t already seen them.

I have been ill a *lot* recently with various flus, colds and whatnot. This time around I thought I’d post to various viruses and horrid germs in the form of deadly flu viruses, vampire bites and man-made zombie viruses.

******Mild Spoilers for The Van Helsing TV Series ******

The Colony

A reasonable quality post-apocalyptic film starring Bill Paxton and Lawrence Fishburne? Sign me up! Everyone likes a post-apocalyptic film and The Colony fits its category well. The planet has been sent into an ice age, and being that they are in an ice age people tend to get sick when they can’t keep warm, cold and flu are very dangerous in a world where medicine doesn’t really exist anymore.

This causes much tension among the small groups of survivors because nobody wants to get sick and probably die. I can imagine what it would be like to live in fear of the common cold as you try to scrape a life inside a makeshift bunker underneath the ice and snow. It’s scary to think that this could be just round the corner, that something could happen that could trigger an ice age.

If you managed to survive long enough to get to safety, you would have to deal with the loss of the world you knew. You could lose your entire family and they could lose you. Imagine living in what was once the underground levels of an old skyscraper or inside an old refinery basement level. After you’ve dealt with that you could be sleeping in a tiny space with many people, what little food you managed to bring with you as you fled now depleting fast.

People fight over food as they struggle to keep food for them to stay alive, those who actually managed to bring plants are trying to find ways to keep them alive. This is a terrible existence that I hope I never have to deal with personally.

Van Helsing

Again, I Have Mild Spoilers – Please Scroll Past If You Don’t Want Them

Vanessa Helsing…get it?

So Vanessa is a pretty normal gal, she has a daughter and is trying make a living so she can keep her small family fed and safe.

Shit happens and she wakes up to find her daughter is missing and most of the world’s population are vampires. She discovers that she can cure vampirism with her own blood when a group of hunters find her and try use her as a buffet. The one that manages to bite her becomes human again. So what does she do? Goes around biting the vampires back of course!

I find this take on it to be hilarious and ingenious! The “They bit me so I’m going to bloody well bite them back” approach is comical and works so well. It also shows the fear the vampires should have for a Van Helsing.

I also love the picture I get when I imagine bloody-faced vampires running away in droves as Vanessa walks down the street, gun in hand and sporting her very own bloody face because she has recently bitten a vampire. This is a pretty fun power to have!

Until The End of The World Series
By Sarah Lyons Fleming

This is zombie survival at its finest!

The Until The End of The World series is one of those that differs from the current zombie novels, TV shows and various other mediums. Sarah Lyons Fleming has created a world in which its inhabitants find the good and hope among the despair and death.

Cassie, our main character, is like most of us just trying to get through life without too many bumps and scrapes, when a man-made virus escapes causing those infected to start attacking and eating each other.

On Cassie and her friends' journey to find a truly safe place where the infected can’t get them, they learn who they really are as people. This has good and bad sides to it but I feel that Cassie really does grow as a person, even growing up a little as she loses loved ones and gains new connections.

I found myself really caring for the characters and often cried throughout the series because there really are some low blows to the feels. The audiobook makes the experience of the book all the more special with the performance of Julia Whelan. She gives each character a voice that you remember and plays each part like she had studied them intensely.

As always, thank you all for reading!

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