Thursday 5 October 2017

Aaron's Classic Corner! September 2017

Apologies for this late edition of my classic corner! As I’m sure you know, having been informed by E14 boss man, Rob, or Darth Wadius as he is better known, I have had computer troubles! But fear not, my younglings, as I have returned with this late edition of September’s Classic Corner, and we’ll have the October one right on schedule, which will be extra-special seeing as it will be Halloween!

The Film - Saving Private Ryan

I can’t get enough of this film. If someone was to ask me to name an epic war film that is near enough flawless, which is directed by Steven “I want more shiny things so I’ve stopped making good films” Spielberg, and that stars Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore and Matt Damon, I would probably have to say Saving Private Ryan.

I kind of have to at that point! I have watched this film many, many times and still the action sequences terrify me, and its all-round conclusion is heart-breaking.

The Album- Hail to The Thief by Radiohead

Such a weird band are this lot, but I truly love them for it! Now, most fans of this band will opt more for their albums OK Computer or Kid A. I’m not going to hold against them, as they are terrific albums in their own right, but for me Hail To The Thief just seems to have it all, and is definitely one of their darker albums.

This darkness just makes the eeriness of Thom’s vocals just that little more touching. A right stonker!

The Game - Mortal Kombat

As a young’un, beat-em-ups were all the rage! When multiplayer became a living room option, the choices were greater, but whether one-on-one or team based scrolling, there were fists flying everywhere (everybody was kung-fu fighting, you might say). But when it came to Mortal Kombat, there were also gallons of blood and executions thrown into the mix!

As a kid, you know that shit is gonna drive you wild! There were ninjas, soldiers, monsters, robots and even a bloke wearing a lampshade as a hat who shoots force lightning at motherfuckers! What more could a growing boy (or girl, happy now snowflakes?) ask for?

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