Tuesday 1 August 2017

Aaron's Classic Corner - July 2017

As you probably know by now, I have started ending every month with what I like to call Aaron’s Classic Corner, a small segment where I choose a classic film, album and game that I love and explain why.

Not so much as a review, more of a sharing segment. After all, the better you know me, the more my twice weekly reviews can relate to your tastes! So, without further nonsense, and seeing as it’s July, here’s my Birthday edition of my Classic Corner!


I absolutely adore this movie! Ever since I was at a young age I could call this my favourite film of all time. I’m a big time Arnie fan, so this only acts as an even more welcomed bonus. This movie has it all: Guns, explosions, gore, one-liners, more guns, a fucking alien, atmosphere, gripping storytelling, a fucking parrot gun, Jesse Ventura with a fucking minigun, skinned people, more guns, and at one point, even a bloody bridge!

However, what I loved the most about this film, was its subtle role reversal. Look back at 80’s action films, especially those that starred Arnie, and what do you get nine times out of ten? Star-studded muscle men kicking wholesale arse and jotting down the name for later amusement.

Not in this film. This film took those action heroes and turned them into vulnerable prey, constantly looking over their shoulders. It made them afraid. It made them desperate.

That’s what I love about Predator. The titular alien merely toys with them for fun and makes them all his personal bitches. A great concept for its time.

Album: STATIC AGE by The Misfits

Most people who know me personally will say thing like “Yeah, Aaron’s a cunt” and end it there, whereas others will say “He loves extreme metal, that bloke”! Neither one is wrong, as such. However, my favourite band of all time, and has been since I was wearing short trousers, is the Danzig era of The Misfits, and for me, this album is perfect.

It’s catchy, it has some of the darkest lyrics ever (especially for its time), Danzig’s voice is at its best (in my opinion) and there wasn’t a single ounce of them all trying to be someone else.

They were what they were and it shines out so beautifully on this album with great classics such as ‘Last Caress’, ‘TV Casualty’, ‘Return of the Fly’, ‘Hybrid Moments’ and so much more! It’s almost impossible to put on and not listen to until the very last bar.


This game is nothing short of perfect for me. It’s a Spacetime Sci-fi game with great guns and gadgets, with fucking horror monsters in it that are reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

This game had it all for me: Atmosphere, action, a fantastic story, characters you could actually enjoy, it was dark (quite literally in some places), it had levels that made you actually think about what it was you had to do, the controls were lovely and smooth and it had that one thing I love in every game that has it: gun and armour upgrades!

This game has so much replay value to it, that it’s not even funny. I absolutely love it!

These all get 10/10 from me! Pure boners!

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