Tuesday 29 August 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review of Speedrunners

Now, there aren’t really any spoilers in this game as it doesn’t really have a story as such, but my oh my what a great bit of fun we have here!

The whole idea behind SpeedRunners is to run countless laps around an array or quirky maps until all other runners are eliminated. That’s it!

However, the variety of ways in which you can beat your opponents is so much fun! There are grappling hooks, missiles, crates (Mario Kart stylez!), ice beams, force push and more! And how do you eliminate your foes?

Knock them off the screen! A screen which, after a while, begins to shrink smaller, and smaller and smaller!

There is a great unlocking system in this game too where you can gain XP to nab yourself some new maps, character skins and even game modes! Plus, if you don’t have any friends to play with (which is where the real fun comes in), you can play against bots!

"Not quite the same" I hear you say. Well, get a load of this! You can change their difficulty and before you know it, it’s like you’re playing against real people with a pretty impressive AI system and a roulette game mode that can mirror the map, make all pickups rockets, and all sorts!

So there is more than enough to keep every game unique and interesting, and the chances of you having the same round twice, is zero! It’s such fun!

Is the game without its bugs? Nah mate, not on your Nelly! However, it is a pretty simple game with an even more simple premise, so there’s not really much else I can write about it, and I have a word quota that I feel I should fill. So…

How are you? You good? Wicked. So how about them Nicks, huh? Yeah. Brad’s got a book out. You heard about this? Yeah. Nazis and stuff. He can’t get enough of ‘em. Or sharks. He’s marine-life-mad, that boy is. Probably switches between the Discovery and History channels day in, day out. Makes sense, I guess.

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Rating: So, yeah, a great game, but better played with friends, either online or locally – 7/10

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