Wednesday 19 July 2017

Guest Writer Cloud Zombie: The Thirteenth Doctor (Still Not Ginger)

So now we know. We have found out who the next Doctor is going to be. Of course there are more than enough people out there who didn't like the choice for various reasons. I will not go into these reasons because I really cannot be fucked with the whining that most likely follows some of them.

Let’s be positive here, people!

We all know there can be Lady-Timelords (Timeladies? Just Gallifreyans?) and although they are born to a gender there have been mentions of male Timelords choosing female and vice versa. The Corsair (the one with the snake tattoo) chose to be female a few times in his regenerations, in fact.

The Master himself chose to be a woman and became Missy. She was incredible and didn’t take away anything from the master. I found a few episode with Missy in terrifying, she wholeheartedly believes in her madness and that everything she does is to make things better for herself.

Missy actually added some depth to the character of the Master that was missing and refreshed the character as well. Don’t get me wrong, though, the cast of actors who played the Master before her were just as awesome.

Things I Am Excited For & Questions I want Answered:

  • I’m excited to see what will change within the series and if we see any returns of older Who-cast members. They already seem to be bringing back the older monsters, this would be a great time to bring back one of the unusual enemies.
  • How is the Doctor going to react to not only still not being ginger but being in a female body? The Doctor has been a man for over 2000 years (or as he says, “Rule one: The Doctor Lies”) so that’s got to be a weird sensation.
  • The Doctor has never been a woman before in the entire Doctor lifespan, will she continue to love women or will her orientation change to bisexual, or maybe straight? How exciting!
  • What clothes will the Doctor go for, we all know that there are female clothes in the dressing room in the Tardis because of all the times he has lent clothes to his female companions throughout the years. Trousers, Skirt or dress? Maybe some kind of mix between all three? Do you remember those trousers with a skirt attached from the 90’s? Well they have come back, maybe she’ll choose those.
  • In the promotional material she looks like she is still wearing the 12th Doctor's clothes because she presumably hasn’t been back to the Tardis yet.
  • What if Bill comes back and tries to find him and realises that the Doctor is no longer a man, how do you think Bill would react to this? I would like to see Bill come back as a companion at least for a little while, I feel she didn’t get enough time to grow as a character.

  • Let's hope Captain Jack doesn't get wind of this because he will most likely try it on like he does with most people, male or female!
  • Will Nordole find him/her again so that can he look after the Doctor? He didn’t want to leave him in the last episode, saying that we still have the Christmas special to go and that is the Twelfth Doctor’s last episode.
  • Will there be new companions or will she travel alone for a while to find who she is?

As you might have guessed, I'm too excited about this.

We have so much to look forward to towards the end of the year, let’s celebrate this refreshing change of pace and look forward to the new adventures. We shall say farewell to Capaldi’s Doctor and Hello to Whittaker’s Doctor in the Christmas Special.

If you are still here and actually read through, thank you for reading!

Kat (aka Cloud Zombie) is a daydreaming enthusiast and self-professed Minecraft/Sims junkie from Kent, England.

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