Friday 26 February 2016

The Crazy Train - Episode 39: "Blake: The Last Creationist!"

On Episode 39 of The Crazy Train:

  • We welcome Marc to Emotionally14
  • Rob shares a story about feeling old
  • Rob and Marc tell a story about peeing in public
  • Rob goes on to feel old about some crazy kids and
  • Rob tells another story about a pub trip
  • Rob gets spat on by a passer-by
  • Marc tells a story about a pub trip
  • Rob tells another story about feeling old (there's a theme)
  • We vent a bit about prices
  • Marc shares an ageing story
  • Marc shows us a clip of Beastly Gamer reacting to a thing
  • We talk a bit about the Game Gear
  • We play with a new character on the show: The Myspace Kid!
  • We go back into our early experiences with the Internet
  • Rob gives Marc a brief explanation of the recent controversy regarding The Fine Bros.
  • We market razors in a way that companies can only *dream* of
  • We welcome you to goodbye

Starring: Rob Wade, Blake Harmer, Marc Cummins.

Note: Apologies for the constant snack-grabbing sounds this time round. They're trickier to edit out than hoped. Normal service will resume next show.

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