Friday 16 June 2017

E14 Toybox #40 - Booster Battle! (Marvel Heroclix Uncanny X-Men) Round 3

Part 3 of our Marvel Uncanny X-Men Heroclix Booster Battle! Join Rob and Blake as they work their way through the brick, competing good-naturedly as they unveil the contents of the brick!

Will Blake's luck winning Heroclix-related things extend beyond the game itself to other related areas? This is the place to discover that answer! Over the remaining videos, you will find out precisely that!

What mysteries lie within?

The E14 Toybox is a video show hosted by Rob Wade, dedicated to the pursuit and unveiling of fun geeky products. From subscription boxes like Zavvi's Zbox, to Wizkids Heroclix figures, Rob takes the unknown and reveals the mystery within for your enjoyment!

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