Wednesday 13 May 2015

Crazy Train Appreciation Month - Episode 13!

In this episode:

  • Rob gives a brief insight into why online dating is a mixed bag.
  • Omer does a wrestling match!
  • Rob wants to become a koala bear (apparently)
  • Omer issues a challenge.
  • Spike has a random question.
  • Rob discovers the Ohmer.
  • Rob tells a story about Chatham.
  • Omer tells a story about Sheppey.
  • Spike talks about Fringe things (the comedy place, not hair).
  • We pitch the Stuff Roadshow.
  • Omer has a wobbly raptor.
  • Rob gets a morality perspective.
  • Rob tells some Trash Wizard stories.
  • This episode includes an origin story of The Trash Wizard!

Starring: Rob Wade, Blake Harmer, Omer Ibrahim, Sour Crouch, Spike Direction

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below (either here or on the video) and keep it tuned to E14's Youtube page for more from our flagship podcast, The Crazy Train!

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