Friday 20 August 2010

E14 Exchange

Rob: Aaaaaah, Bodyfail! Bodyfail for me!
Brad: I was just thinking it's been a while...what is it now?
Rob: Not a hundred per cent sure, only started today. Feels like it could be the kidneys again.
Brad: What's up, then?
Rob: Woke up this morning with a shooting pain in my front stomach. that pain has shifted round the back, and i've got something pushing against my chest when I breathe in.
Brad: Have you been shot recently?
Rob: I've not been shot that i'm aware of, unless I heal faster than Wolverine. Which i'm not saying is impossible...

Brad: I fucked your Mum, by the way.
Rob: Why do you use "by the way" in that sentence, as if it's some important information I need to know?
Brad: You didn't want to know?
Rob: Why would I want to know that?
Brad: I just figured you would be interested in what two important people in your life had been up to. It's not like I told you the position and everything!
Rob: Here it comes...
Brad: Reverse cowgirl, by the way. Whoops. At least I didn't mention the PVC nurse's uniform.
Rob: God damn it.
Brad: Say what you like, I think it made me look hot.

Brad: I wonder why they've never done Hellboy Vs Predator. I mean...they're both owned by Dark Horse. It makes perfect sense.
Blake: I think it's because every time the writers think about it too hard, they ejaculate and can't get any work done.
Brad: Be online in five minutes, mate.
Rob: Ok cool. I’ll be Bing-whacking.
Brad: You’ll be what?
Rob: Bing-whacking. I want to know if it’s the same as Google-whacking.
Brad: Oh. I thought it was some weird masturbation thing.
Rob: That's just my own twist on it.

Brad: If you log forty minutes of playing time before the title screen, you might be playing a JRPG.
Brad: You're a good kid, really. Sometimes it almost makes me for feel awkward for all the dick I give your mother.
Rob: And I wouldn't feel bad for dicking my mum. I'd feel bad for how little she enjoys it...
Brad: You must be doing it wrong.
Rob: I mean if I...never mind.
Brad: Do you ever find it hard to remember all the Star Wars stuff you own, or is that just me?
Rob: I have an annex.
Brad: Wasn't she the singer for The Eurythmics?
Rob: I...sure?

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