Sunday 30 August 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Right, first things first, this is not good-bye. This is a "Hold On Whilst We Sort This Shit Out".

For various reasons, all those involved are taking a step back from this site for a few days. To maintain a site of this quality requires all three of of us to dedicate several hours of our week, and we just need a quick breather so we can jiggle things around a bit. We love doing this shit, and we're very grateful to both every single one of our readers, and all the artists and companies we work with. We're all amazed at not only how successful E14 has become, but how quickly we've managed it.

Like I say, this isn't the end, this is just a quick interval. We'll be back no later than Tuesday 8th September...possibly even earlier. And when we do return, we'll be better than ever before.

Thanks again to all of you, and bear with us. We'll be back soon.

In the meantime, you can get occasional bursts of jolity at, or from our friend's site Films, Books & Rock N Roll.


  1. "we just need a quick breather so we can jiggle things around a bit"

    Testicular Wedgie is pretty detrimental to progress.

  2. You'll be back before then. This blogging thing is like crack... but with more side-effects.

    Thanks for the plug, guys... any E14 fans will be welcomed with open arms over at 'Films, Books And Rock 'N' Roll': the blog whose title becomes more inappropriate with every passing day...