Monday 27 May 2019

E14 Endorsed - Retro Inc Podcast: Episode 60 | Special First Anniversary Edition

Hi everyone, Rob here. About a year ago, I started the E14 Endorsed podcast program with the sole purpose of shining a light on some of the podcast outfits I was happiest to hear from on a regular basis, and recognising those who do a great job providing geek-friendly shows I knew you'd love!

Today, I am pleased to announce the latest addition to the ranks. The great guys at Retro Inc have just celebrated their first year anniversary this week, and what better time to announce that Retro Inc are the latest show to be endorsed?

We now have a fantastic selection of 5 outfits that are endorsed, and you can look forward to Retro Inc in your feed every Monday afternoon on Emotionally14!

Welcome to the show.

Join us in episode 60 as the guys celebrate the first anniversary of Retro Inc.

We hope you enjoy the show and if you would like to see more content and join us for discussions, questions and some great retro fun then follow us at:

on facebook at
Twitter @retroincpodcast
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If there is any feedback or you would like to get in contact then feel free to message us at

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