Saturday 22 October 2016

E14 Toybox #6 - Putting A Team Together!

In the latest Toybox, Rob is putting together a team for a Heroclix charity game! In the intro, Rob details the rules of the scenario. In the second part, the team is displayed, and in the finale Rob returns to tell us how the game went!

Rob Wade blogs about stuff he likes. Whether it's video games or geek media for Emotionally14 or writing about speculative theories for future films on Talk Star Wars, the focus is always on the stuff that brings the most pleasure to his life within media. Rob is the host of the E14 podcasts "The Crazy Train" and "The E14 Gamecast", as well as the host of The E14 Toybox on E14's Youtube channel. He also appears on the Talk Star Wars podcasts.

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