Friday 17 June 2011

E14 Exchange

Rob : I got added today by a girl who I went to school with, and looking at her photos I couldn't help but think that she looked completely different to how she did at school.
Brad: Right…
Rob : I thought nothing of it, because it's been years. Now I've just noticed that there's someone in Kent who has the same name, has people from my old school on her FB, and looks more like I expected in her photo, but whom is likely a different person.
Brad: That's...eerie. Does she have a twin, that's not how that works is it?

Rob : This podcast is weird, about halfway through the levels change.
Brad: Right.
Rob : Not sure what happened to change that. Aren't we brilliant?
Brad: Always.
Rob : Podcast editing is strange.
Brad: Oh, aye?
Rob : Yeah, I can go for minutes without editing anything, then have to go in second by second and pull bits.
Brad: Yeah, that sounds like mastering all right? Remember GOAB?
Rob : I do. Now imagine you've got one louder than the other.

Brad: Hmmm. Let's have a look at the Google searches. They're always good for a laugh.
Rob : Ooh, do share any good ones
Brad: “Underappreciated Star Wars characters”. There's a podcast waiting to happen.
"Sword fight with dildos"
Rob : Wow...
Brad: This one isn't funny, per se, but I like it all the same: “petrol stations isle of dogs vacuum”
Rob : Superb. So....
Brad: So...
Rob : Sorry, started a sentence i hadn't thought about the next bit of…
Brad: Someone Googled "Brad's basement wrestling". That's either a result or something of a fluke.

Rob : Hmmmmm...
Brad: Let me guess...not sure what to write about tomorrow?
Rob : How'd you guess?
Brad: It's Sunday...
Rob : Seriously, what vague subject can you suggest for me to run with? Let's watch...
Brad: The Best Type of Confectionery to Manufacture Hot-Pants from.
Rob : ...Newsfalsh! it is.

Brad: We're playing Aliens tonight if you fancy it?
Rob : I'll pass tonight mate, need to reign in my finances this month.
Brad: Tell me about it...
Rob : You sure? It’s pretty boring…

Brad: You played either of the GTAIV spin-offs?
Rob : Nope, got them on disc but haven't had a chance to get onto them. Never finished the original game, so I always find it challenging. Why, after knowing if they're worth the money?
Brad: I know they will's Rockstar, dude. I've been saying since GTA: Vice City that they should do a Hell’s Angels one, and then I just watched Sons of Anarchy for the first time... I'd be playing that thing right now if there was some sort of way that you could purchase and download games online through the PS3.
Rob : The Lost and Damned *is* supposed to be good.
Brad: I wish I'd been there for that conversation at Sony HQ.
"So, what's our priority...our main source of income, or miscellaneous bullshit?"
"People really want to show off their trophies, sir."
"Make it so."

Brad: Charlie's teaching her Gran how to use the Interactive/Red Button stuff on Freeview. It's awesome. It’s like watching someone trying to teach HTML to a parrot.

Brad: You alright for Ten p.m tonight?
Rob : I shall endeavour.
Brad: I hope, for your sake. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I.
Rob : By Emperor, do you mean your rabbit?
Brad: ... Yes.

*Rob turns up online on time*
Brad: Jesus Christ!
Rob : Nope, it's Rob, but I get that a lot, don't worry.
I guess Jesus must have packed on a few and got a haircut.

Brad: My Dad just put on the DVD of Monster on the Campus. We were right. He *would* buy that.
Rob : I'd like to say I'm surprised...

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