Monday 26 January 2009

Random PSP fun (PSP in this case being Paint Shop Pro)

In a move that could possibly spell the end of civilised society as we know it, I recently tracked down my copy of Paint Shop Pro that had been sat in my cupboard for several months. In my defence, I have an immense console and PC collection, as well as about 40 GB of legal music on my iTunes. It's a wonder I get anything done frankly.

As a quick aside to illustrate how out of control my game purchasing became while in the employ of the UK's largest games retailer, I went to a friend's recently to play some Xbox 360 games, and resolved that I would only take games that could be played 2 player on local systems , so online multiplayer games were left at home as were single-player games. Even then, I was still able to take 15 games to my friend's house as well as a complete Rock Band set.

Anyway, to prove that my free time is not completely taken up by games, I thought I'd premiere my newest creation. In the spirit of proving that it doesn't take much to create one of these things, I made some Loldictators. I believe this is not a new concept, but then nothing ultimately is when it comes to the Internet, which is why I'm jaded when it comes to adult content; I've pretty much seen it all.

Anyway, here are my three creations, although two are based from the same photo. Incidentally, I've tagged these for a reason. If you enjoy them, spread the word and help E14 become the dominating force in geekdom and entertainment, so we can do one of those self-promotional adverts in 60 years time like WWE.

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