Wednesday 16 January 2019

Rimworld: 1.0 Fully Armed and Operational

Rimworld 1.0 has been fully realised (as of Wednesday 17th October 2018) with a shiny new game trailer, some excited words and some helpful guides for those using anything from the mod community.

It’s always an exciting time when the game you have been enjoying throughout its growing process in early access finally spreads its wings and shows the world what it has to offer.

I logged on one evening after a long day at the office to find the little pop up message telling me 1.0 had arrived. I’m not going to lie I did squee a little and scare the cat sat directly behind me, she was not amused with my excitement and went off to finish her nap somewhere else.

Link to Trailer

My first game of Rimworld 1.0 didn’t go so well. I am not the best at it compared to some of the let’s players I watch on YouTube but I really enjoy having my arse handed to me it seems. Cassandra Classic seems to be a little bitier than she was before but that might just have been me, it’s been a few weeks since I last got to play. Captain Fluffy-Tail the faction’s dog seemed to get through it all ok, so that’s a plus. #RimworldProblems #NotTheDog

My second game…well…Let’s just say we had to rename the dog to Captain Fluffy.

The tail wasn’t removed from the NPC, you’ll just have to use your imagination. Think Fantastic Mr Fox.

All New & Shiny!

A few of the things that I’m excited to see that have been to the game.


Naked Brutality – Well it says it all really. You start as naked as the day you were born with nothing but your wits and (hopefully) survival skills.


Bridges – Originally I used a mod for my water crossing needs, now they are in the game officially.

Watermill Generator – I really like this method of power generation. It will really work well if your colony lives by a flowing water source.

Waterproof Power Conduit – Excellent idea to add to the game. Before if your colony lived on either side of a river they’d have to have separate power sources because conduits couldn’t cross water.

Butcher Spot – Before you would have to build the entire Butcher Bench before you could butcher any animal for food. This makes surviving a little less nerve racking when you can butcher and cook over a fire.

Double Sleeping Spot – Couples in the colony won’t have to get de-buffs anymore because they can’t sleep with their snuggle bunnies. They’ll be uncomfortable because they are sleeping on the floor but they will get to spoon the night away.


Quick Sleeper – You don’t need much sleep. This can come in handy if you’re giving the Naked Brutality scenario a go.

Tough – You can hold your own in a fight and take less damage.

Great Memory – Your colonist’s skills will decay slower when not in use.

Undergrounder - You can get full on vault dweller/being Gollum by not needing to see the sun ever again. You won’t get de-buffs for being in darkness for long periods of time.

Gourmand - You get a cooking skill but you also get someone who is prone to eat a lot of the food reserves and go on food binges.

Sickly – This person is the human firewall to your colony, they will pick up every little bug and nasty waiting out there.

Wildman Wanders In.


Prosthetic Heart
Bionic Heart/Spine/Stomach
Archotech Eye/Arm/Leg
Tornado Generator


Trees Change with seasons
Work Bench Bills can now be assigned to separate colonists
Animals Can Now Be Renamed
Graphics Art has been overhauled
‘Joy’ has been renamed as ‘Recreation’
Colonists will now haul things nearby or on their way to their new location.

To get the full line up check online at:

As always thank you for reading this post!

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