Monday 24 March 2014

E14 Presents: The Crazy Train - Episode 22: Leonardo's A ****!

Episode 22 of The Crazy Train is now live, and can be found here:

On iTunes
The Crazy Train Page on E14

Episode 22 - Leonardo's A ****! In this episode:

  • Rob talks about a TV show he's been enjoying called Catfish
  • We talk about shows that seem too tidy.
  • We enthuse about 90s cartoons.
  • Omer rants on Extreme Couponing.
  • We talk about tall people.
  • We talk about Welsh accents.
  • We talk Storage Hunters.
  • Omer tells a story about Americans.
  • We talk about faking accents.
  • We have a laugh at a silly man with a forklift.
  • We talk about confectionery.
  • We have fun with confectionery puns.
  • We talk upcoming movies.
  • We talk superheroes.
  • We talk Ninja Turtles.

Starring: Rob Wade, Blake Harmer, Omer Ibrahim, Sour Crouch, Spike Direction.

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