Monday 1 April 2013

The inevitable and low-key return of E14

So...hey, Internet. How's it going? It's been a while. Did you miss us? Truth be told, it's crazy to think that our last update was over a year ago, but there you have it.

So it's probably worth explaining where we've been. Truth be told, everything went a little bit terribly in a few personal lives of the E14 crew, and it was really important to get the balance back to normal in that respect. I realise that's not a very glamorous explanation of where we've been, but frankly it's all we have. Still, we're resolved to make a difference to your lives the only way we know how - vaguely interesting Internet-based musings and comedy on a range of geek-friendly subjects.

A few things are going to be changing around here (aside from the look, which I hope you like), and they are as follows:

Less is more - Let's be realistic here. As entertaining as the update schedule of old was, it came with a few downsides. The new E14 approach will be targeted at a less frequent, (hopefully) higher quality output. If we can post more often, we totally will though.

Far fewer reviews - Speaking of having far too much to do, did you know that over the 3 or so years that we were running with the old format, we did over 1000 reviews? It works out at around a review a day, which is mental when you consider that we didn't post reviews every day. So we'll be scaling that right down, as well. Plus people stopped sending us stuff to review.

New contributors - We've accumulated some groovy people in our friend circles over the years, and with that said we'll be introducing a few new contributors as well as the core you've all come to know and love.

A brand new Podcast - That's right, Rob moving back locally means we can finally record ourselves chatting shit in an otherwise empty room. Look out for E14 Presents: The Crazy Train and subscribe on iTunes Here!

So yeah, there's that. Bear with us, as we adjust to this new way forward - constructive feedback always welcomed - and hopefully we'll be entertaining you for a long time to come!


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