Tuesday 10 October 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review Of "Oxenfree"

I’ve played a whole.bunch of multiple-choice-ending-adventure-games in my time, but very few touched my heart like this indie platformer-esque banger!

You play Alex, left an only child after her brother died, now dealing with the changes of growing up and having a new step brother. Then, with some friends, they visit an island from her and her friend’s childhoods where there’s some strange-ass shit going on!

I can’t really go into much more on the story. Like I said, this is spoiler-free and it’s a multiple choice game, but what I can tell you is this: I loved this game! The characters are all three-dimensional, the dialogue is brilliant (and in some places, both hilarious and soul crushing), and the story just keeps you guessing throughout!

My gripes with this games are minor, but I found that the controls are quite clunky in places like when it comes to climbing stuff. The only other thing is the movement speed, which makes this game cry out for a fast-travel option that just isn’t available.

Other than that, this game was pretty solid and plays very much like a playbook in the style of Until Dawn.

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Rating: It’s only short, but it stronger for it as it has many more hours of replay value to be enjoyed. 8/10

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