Wednesday 18 October 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review Of "Gerald's Game"

There are plenty of books out there that shouldn’t be turned into films, and Stephen King will often be the first to tell you the same about his own works. I have to say, though, that Gerald’s Game was born for the silver screen!

Man oh man, was this movie good! The basic premise of the film is that of a married couple heading out to their retreat out in the sticks for naughty sex games and maybe some butt stuff when the husband decides to comes down with a rather nasty case of the deadsies. All the while our leading lady, beautifully portrayed by Carla Gugino, is handcuffed to the bed. There’s no-one around for miles, a stray dog has found his way into the house, and fuck me is he hungry!

What I loved about this film is that it’s quite obvious that it comes from a novel source material (and that’s without being told!), unfolding in a way that only novels can. Though films can pull it off on a very rare occasion, this one executes it perfectly!

The direction is fantastic, the acting is superb and the all-round feel of the movie is so unnerving that it demands attention! It is also a true lesson, I’d say, to horror movie makers, both old and new, on how to make your movie as scary as balls without relying on the use of loud noises and bangs and baddies that act like they know they’re in a film!

Don’t you just hate that? It’s like, sort ya life out, mate, ya know?

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Verdict: This movie is an absolute testament to real story telling and is, in my opinion (making it a downright fact, as we know), an absolute masterpiece! 9/10

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