Thursday 12 October 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review Of "Beasts Of No Nation"

The original Netflix Original, and what a way to hit the ground running! I have always respected child actors, seeing as the craft can be very exhausting both mentally and physically, but Abraham Attah, for me, could well be the greatest child actor of all time.

Beasts Of No Nation is the heartbreaking tale of young 13 year old Agu, a young African boy whose family is struggling in the midst of the African civil war, combatting the government, rebel parties, refugees, and poverty. But when his family is killed by the government, Agu is taken in by rebels to become a killing fucking machine!

In this powerful true-to-life war drama, the violence is totally off the chain, but important to the plot which shows the heinous war crimes and harrowing environments that these poor men, women, and especially children have to endure even to this day.

The direction, cinematography and acting are all triumphant and this film really does grab you by the soul and wrenches at your heart from the opening credits to the end.

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Verdict: An eye opening drama that is as important as it is excellent. 9/10

Aaron James Waters is a best-selling Pulp Fiction writer who has written more books than he's actually read.

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