Friday 30 April 2010

E14 Exchange

Brad: What sort of stuff are you looking for now? Job wise, I mean.
Rob: I've not given it too much thought as yet. I'm getting emails most days from agencies who've found my CV online and want to find me stuff.
Brad: Has that PyramidHead scheme you worked for been in touch? Or just its subsidiaries?
Rob: Nope, nor would I entertain them if they did: I need something that'll alleviate my financial woes and not have me spending 8 hours walking round some shitty suburb going “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!". In hindsight, that probably didn't help my sales.
Brad: And you were so positive about that place at the start...
Rob: They did a good job of selling it to me.
Brad: Yeah, they made their "Fast Talk" and all your friends failed their "Persuade".
Rob: I failed my "Spot Likely" roll as well, don't forget.

Rob: Your Face. Hate. I. Re-arrange into a popular phrase or saying.
Brad: I figured out recently that we could do this full-time and still not cover everything we get sent. There literally aren’t enough hours in the day.
Rob: It’d give us a better percentage at least.
Brad: I just try to do as much as possible before it kills me. It’ll be the geekiest way to die, short of being blown up by the Death Star.
Rob: How is being blown up by the Death Star geeky? Unless any Alderaanians were in the midst of a D&D LARP?
Brad: Ugh. Fuck you, Japan.
Rob: What’s up?
Brad: Seriously, the world needs to start calling shenanigans on their bullshit.
Rob: I've always found that a weird expression.
"Hey, you! Shenanigans!"
"Yeah, I guess you're right...I'd best disarm my nuclear program."
Brad: I was thinking more along the lines of:
"Guys, we were willing to accept the giant rubber monsters and awesome robots...the schoolgirl superheroes, tentacle porn and gimpy bubblegum pop we could cope with...but what's with the cat's ears and/or tail on otherwise normal humans bullshit? Seriously, does a massive fucking teardrop appear next to your head when you flip out? Does that happen to anyone? You fucking raw fish eating, panty wearing, caulk gun fellating freaks?"
Rob: Jesus, dude, calm down...
Brad: I once saw JPr0n where this girl had warm milk squirted up her butt with a caulk gun. That shit gives you flashbacks.
Rob: "You weren't there, man...You weren't there..."
Brad: Hell, that shit'll give you Flashback, Fade to Black and Another World. That's my video game joke done for the year.

Brad: You're thinking about my penis, aren't you?
Rob: Well, now I am.
Brad: Damn straight.
Rob: Hunh, that's not how I pictured it.
Rob: I love this song for some unknown reason.
Brad: I'm hearing the MASK theme. I have to concur
Rob: Why are you hearing the MASK Theme? Is that like E14 Tinnitus?

Brad: Classic anime dialogue:
"Are you all right? Because your arm is about to explode!"
Rob: "Why would you ask knowing that?!"

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