Wednesday 20 January 2010

Celebrity Twitters: James T. Kirk

I find it hard not giggling watching cadets in the Kobayashi Maru test. If they were as great as me, they wouldn’t find it so hard. Losers.

@spock Are you still angry about that? If you’d make your test as great as me, then I wouldn’t have been able to break it.

Awesome birthday present from @spock. Cheers, buddy.

@drbones Just arrived, with some Romulan Ale. I’d better Tweet what happens, or I’m never going to remember...

We’re back on the Enterprise, boys. Feels like we’ve never been away. We’re basically lecturers, granted...

Has anyone heard of the #Genesisproject? Apparently, we’ve been ordered to go and pick it up. This is the first I’ve heard.

Well, we’ve got no choice. I’ll be taking command of the Enterprise. There will be no objections.

@chekov Hey! What are you guys doing here? How’ve you been?

@spock Yes, using the communications array would be better than tweeting.

@spock Yes, I’m aware that you’re in the room with me right now. Stick that in your logic.

Things have gone bad. The Reliant opened fire on us, knocking out our shields and engines. @chekov = douche

Khan planning to destroy the Enterprise. I’ve offered myself in place of my ship and crew. I think he’s getting a bargain. I’m great!

Lowered Khan’s shields, and gave him a Kirkslap he won’t forget.

Things could be better. Lots of folks dead, and lots of stuff blown up. Some klaxon or the other sounding off.

I’m going to investigate what all this hoo-ha is about.

@chekov reckons he wasn’t being a douche, and that it was the little magic caterpillar in his head that was doing it. I love this guy.

After some hopping about, we managed to find the #genesisproject. It doesn’t look all that much.

Terrel just vaporised himself. I’m not really sure why as I wasn’t paying all that much attention. And I don’t follow him.

Hey! @chekov DID have a little caterpillar in his ear! I should take him more seriously. I would if his accent wasn’t so stupid.


I have a cunning plan...

@khan We tried it once your way, Khan. Are you game for a rematch? Khan ... I'm laughing at the superior intellect!

@spock I'm well aware of the capabilities of the on-screen communicator.



@spock Where have you snuck off to?
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  1. Hilarious tweet feed and an awesome give-away! Hurrah for E14!

  2. awesome feature there guys.. loving the Kirkslap! more star trek stuff!

  3. For those that enjoy the film, there's a Night of the Comet fan site at