Friday 3 July 2009

E14 Exchange

Brad: How was being gay for pay?
Rob : It was good actually.
How was not being paid to do fuck all?
Brad: Isn't that a double negative?
Rob : Touché.
Brad: Prick.

Rob : The contestant on Deal or No Deal today was named Jihad...
Brad: Awesome.
Rob : It was just great to hear Noel Edmonds shout that out.

Brad: My MD is currently decorating the office upstairs. I can hear a power sander running.
The first two "9"s are already dialled.


Rob: I just watched sexism come into play in the comments section on a video I uploaded showing a video game. The Internet is the worst thing to happen ever.
Brad: Every YouTube video is only three days away from an ongoing discussion on creationism.
What's the trouble with the YouTube comments, anyway?
Rob: Someone's just posted on a NGSigma2 video of a girl ninja saying "girls should be at home playing with their barbies, not fighting deadly ninjas"
Brad: To be fair...
Rob : Don't be that guy...
Brad: I'm trying to bond with your girlfriend over the Internet. Unfortunately, there's one major sticking point we disagree on.
Rob : What's that?
Brad: She thinks you're awesome. I think you're a prick.

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