Monday 4 May 2020

TSW Round Table - Episode 20: TSWRT

Hi everyone,

Rob here. As a way of saying thanks for your patience in the continuing saga of when TSW returns, I present you this special Roundtable, hosted by Mr Rob Cast. This had previously been exclusive to our patrons, but you have all been incredibly patient in waiting for my situation to better approach normal so it seems only right to give you something cool in return! I will update when there is more to share, but for now enjoy the episode!

Happy May 4th! Enjoy Star Wars Day!

A very special Covid 19 social distancing Live Stream episode of the TSW Round Table. Rob’s co-hosts are Rob X from The Generation X-Wing podcast and Tim from The Nerd Room Podcast. The boys welcome Knight of the Commonwealh Rik to his first appearance on the show.

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