Saturday 6 May 2017

E14 Toybox #32 - Booster Battle! Rob vs Omer - Avengers Assemble Heroclix Booster Unboxing (Part 5 of 5)

It's time for part 5 of the Booster Battle! Join Omer and Rob as they unbox their way through a Marvel Heroclix "Avengers Assemble" booster brick, making a game of it as they go! For those who enjoyed the "Blind Bag Battle" way back when, this is right up your street!

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The E14 Toybox is a video show hosted by Rob Wade, dedicated to the pursuit and unveiling of fun geeky products. From subscription boxes like Zavvi's Zbox, to Wizkids Heroclix figures, Rob takes the unknown and reveals the mystery within for your enjoyment!

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