Thursday 8 March 2018

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review of "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

Black Humour and hard-hitting drama are two things that are normally hard to blend. It’s difficult to keep things light-hearted or even heart-racing without one narrative demeaning the other, watering down what should be a strong armada of emotions, but Martin McDonagh manages to keep the scales balanced rather beautifully with this excellent feat of cinematic craftsmanship with a star-studded cast to boot.

Three Billboards… follows the stories of a grieving mother whose daughter was raped and murdered, the chief of police who failed to bring justice, and his racist deputy who tried to find his way in between.

Now, going by what I’ve just said, you would probably think me mad to say that this film had me in stitches, which it did, but it also had me transfixed on the character arcs and had my heart pounding for the safety of the characters too, which is something only other directors like Quentin Tarantino have managed to pull off for me (the kitchen scene at the beginning of Inglorious Basterds comes to mind).

On top of all this, every actor brings their A-game to the table and the chemistry between all of the characters is just straight-up remarkable, and really gives the viewer a sense of history and a believable stance that these people very may well have known each other for years.

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Rating: The film isn’t flawless, of course, but the small faults is does have are left in the rear-view mirror. 8/10

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