Friday 30 March 2018

The E14 Gamecast - Episode 38: "Not Another Gandhi Fetch Quest!"

On this episode of The E14 Gamecast, Rob is joined by Blake Harmer, Sour Crouch and Brad Harmer-Barnes!

This episode, we talk about games we're gaming, followed by listener questions!

If you want to give us your thoughts on the games we talk about, ask us questions or even suggest topics for us to talk about, you can contact us by email using, tweet @emotionally14 or find us on the Emotionally14 Facebook page! For our gaming videos, check out the E14 Plays Playlist on YouTube!

Mailbag questions:

  • Q: Do you think I need to have played the other God of War games to enjoy the new one?
  • Q: What was the last actual arcade machine you played? How quickly did you die?
  • Q: Which video games would make good musicals?

Rob is on Twitter @RobWadeVision, you can find Blake @FuckSakeBlake, Joe is at @ItsJoeCrouch and Brad is @RealBradHB! You can find out more about the guys below!

The E14 Gamecast theme is courtesy of Deon Van Heerden, and you can find out all about him at!

About The E14 Gamecast

A place to find the gaming content for Emotionally14. We'll talk reviews, excitement, upcoming releases - Hell, we'll even play a few! If gaining perspective on Team E14's gaming habits is your bag, this is the place you can get that fix!






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