Thursday 19 May 2011

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Tales of Monkey Island: Collector's Edition
Lace Mamba Global
Available Now - £49.99 (PC Game with all five episodes, production art gallery, desktop wallpapers, forum avatars, drink coaster from Club 41, pirate piece of eight coin, Gulf of Melange map, Voodoo card)
Review by Blake Harmer

Originally released in episodic instalments as an online download, this collection contains all five episodes of Tales from Monkey Island, and follows Guybrush Threepwood (Mighty Pirate trademark) as he attempts to rid the world of The Dread Pirate LeChuck’s evil voodoo pox that escapes when our hero sets it loose trying to destroy LeChuck...but he turns the Dread Pirate LeChuck human instead.

Tales of Monkey Island retains everything that made the original games so great. From the witty and funny dialogue, through the vast array of charming characters, to the great point and click puzzles which can be down right surreal at times. Throw in the fact that the each episode is pretty lengthy and you have a collection that offers great value for money for fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.

If there was anything to criticise Tales Of Monkey Island for it would be that the graphics, whilst good for it’s genre, haven’t aged brilliantly for a game that was originally released back in 2009. Also, some people may criticise the fact that the gameplay for the series hasn’t really evolved in any shape or form. However, at the end of the day, the Monkey Island games have been some of the best point and click adventures, and why change the way the game works if it isn’t broken?

The Emotionally Fourteen Games Rating
Functional and cartoony, although now showing its age since its original release back in 2009.
Sound/Music: Excellent voice acting really makes the humour stand out as well as keeping you hooked with great storytelling.
Gameplay: A well crafted point and click adventure with some pretty tough but well balanced puzzles. The gripping plot and joke filled script will keep you hooked til the end.
Lasting Appeal: Five long episodes filled with puzzling that you keep you busy for hours. However, after it’s done, there is very little here in terms of replayability.
Summary: Whether you are a Monkey Island fan, or new to the franchise, Tales of Monkey Island is a great slice of adventure gaming and one that is full of great moments and now all for a great price. 9/10


From Sam Raimi's production company 'Ghosthouse Underground' this unrelenting gorefest sees the return of the much loved slasher genre.

A perfect bank heist turns deadly when the robbers and their hostages flee to the abandoned underground subway station where they encounter the Trackman, a deformed madman that prowls the darkness. The chilling underground setting creates a claustrophobic horror perfect for the slasher genre.

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