Friday 20 May 2011

E14 Exchange

Brad: How's it going, Captain Fabulous?
Rob : Alright, you?
Brad: Yeah, what's the net problem you mentioned in your text?
Rob : Apparently there's been an issue with our outside box

Brad: Is there a word to describe a low budget horror movie that features a big name actor largely displayed on the poster/box art, which then proceeds to kill off said actor within the opening ten minutes?
Rob : Winfreude.
Brad: That's better than Selman's suggestion of a "Shit'.
Rob : His is good too.

Rob : I just watched two adverts that I felt missed the point.
Brad: Okay. Context?
Rob : Well, one was a Weight Watchers advert which said 'I was so glad that the computer put weight loss within arm's reach.'
Brad: Awesome.
Rob : The second one was an advert for a drama starring Laura Linney, and the last scene showed her slipping her pants off and flashing her pussy to some bloke. Want to know the name of the show?
Brad: "Laura Linney Keeps Her Pants On And Doesn't Show Her Growler To A Secondary Character"?
Rob : The Big C.
Brad: I like mine better.

Rob : When I was going to bed I stepped on a carrier bag and Lizzie woke with a start. I think her dreams are plagued by a bio-degradable burglar.

Brad: So, I started playing Fallout 3, and then it was 3am.
Rob : Welcome to my world.

Brad: What did you start playing in the end, out of interest?
Rob : Full House Poker. Xbox 360 Arcade game.
Brad: Is it based on the early 90s sitcom of the same name?
Rob : No, though I'd play the shit out of that.
Brad: There's a gap in the market, there.
Rob : TV show-based arcade games?
Brad: Yup.
Rob : Married: with Contra?
Brad: Or, y'know...a sardonic article. That's more our thing.
Brad: Everybody Loves Ryu
Rob : Family TIE Fighter.
Brad: 3rd Rock Band from The Sun
Rob : Who's the Boss...I suppose that works by itself.
Brad: PyramidHead of the Class
Rob : Three's Company of Heroes?
Brad: Crazy....Taxi?
Brad: Call of Duty: Modern Family
Rob : Wings of Prey.
Brad: Have we exhausted this, yet?
Rob : For sitcoms, yeah.
Rob : Jak and Dexter?
Brad: So many TV shows these days have one word titles. They make these hard.
Rob : Indeed. Chuck Rock?
Brad: CSI: San Andreas. One more each and that’s it, this is getting silly.
Rob : No More Heroes.
Brad: Time Crisis Team.

Brad: Tempted by Yakuza 4.
Rob : I'm all about LA Noire.
Brad: Yeah, that's true.
Rob : Literally. I've had my name changed.
Brad: So, you're now...
Rob : LA Noire will be awesome Wade.
Brad: That has a pretty nice ring to it.
Rob : Then once the game is out I'll just shorten it to Awesome Wade.
Brad: Also nice.

Brad: I killed a terrorist today.
Rob : O...k.
Brad: I don't have any evidence to back that up, and I threw the body away where no-one'll ever find it, but I definitely killed him.
Rob : Weren't you supposed to be at work?
Brad: work?
Rob : To be fair, I'm not 100% sure what you do for a living, so that's possible.
Brad: You sound just like my MD.
Rob : work?
Brad: Oh, yeah.

Rob : Wow, this is awkward. Lizzie *actually* walked into a door, and is likely to have a black eye. I feel this will sour me to her friends...
Brad: Smack the door into her other side as well. At least that way it will look even.

Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett were a comedy team whose talents complemented each other perfectly in a series that would run for 16 years and become part of British television history.

From their introduction, "And in a packed programme tonight..." to the "Goodnight from him", viewers would savour the familiar features - the news items, sharp dialogue sketches, Ronnie Barker's word-play speeches and the rambling monologues from Ronnie Corbett.

This tenth series was broadcast between December 1983 and January 1984. The six episodes contain classic Two Ronnies material, including Godfrey and Humphrey at their gentleman's club, The Squash Match, Minister of Cuts and one of their classic silent extended sketches, Campers. Musical numbers feature Coy George and Lightweight Louie Danvers, while guest singers include Elaine Paige, Barbara Dickson and Elton John.

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