Tuesday 11 July 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review of KILL LIST

We’ve all seen those movies, I'm sure, where a retired Hitman is made to come out of retirement for one last job, and it’s always the one that goes ruddy well tits-up in an orgasm of gunfire and backflips.

Well, hold your breath for just one moment, you slag, because this British crime-thriller infused occult horror flick just turned the brutality volume up to eleven and grabs your attention until the credits roll!

Now, I avoided this film for quite some time, hearing nothing but pants reviews and opinions from people, despite the fact that I’m a big fan of leading man Neil Maskell and his supporting player, Michael Smiley. There are creepy undertones from the very beginning of this film and you find yourself asking questions throughout, even afterwards, which is something I love when it is done right, and boy does this film do it right!

Another great and refreshing aspect of this independent British horror, which is something that – more often than not – gets left out in the production, is three-dimensional characters that actually come to life on the screen, which isn’t just down to the brilliant acting, but also a testament to good writing.

There is also a bloody fantastic amount of violence which is executed perfectly on the screen to make you wince and laugh with gruesome satisfaction, leaving you rubbing your hands together and nodding along as our protagonist kicks some wholesale arse without the need to take down their names.

There is also a very dry sense of humour about the film as well, which I am sure British audiences will rejoice at, but not too much that it steers away from the extremely dark premise of this pulse-raising rollercoaster of pure cinematic grit.

However, don’t just go into this film thinking that all you’re getting is a gore-fest that has been sanded down at the edges, because that is not the case at all. There are some very deep psychological elements to this film that take otherwise type-casted actors and actresses and throw them into a maelstrom of cleverly thought out plot twists and situations that are way too far out of their comfort zones, which each and every member proves their mettle in this very class piece of cinema.

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Rating: A gritty and under-appreciated popcorn flick that doesn’t just demand your attention, but steals it and keeps it, even days after the credits have rolled. – 8/10

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