Friday 7 July 2017

The Crazy Train - Episode 51: Daddy Porn Strowman!

Rob is joined by Omer and Blake! We invent some new pormography (not a typo, not really), pitch a Braun Strowman reality show and talk about our favourite actors! Along the way, Rob goes to a barbecue and his car likes it so much it stays!

Shout-outs go to The Minutia Men for their lovely 5 Star Review, and to the Master Debaters for their great questions.

Rob is on Twitter @RobWadeVision, Omer is @TheIronTurkOmer and you can find Blake @fucksakeblake!

Note: Apologies that there are some dodgy audio moments, particularly around echo! We've been tinkering with our kit as we go along, and regrettably it ends up having issues sometimes! Hopefully future episodes will not have this issue.

Intro music: "Outlaw", by Deon Van Heerden. Find out more about Deon's music at!

About The Crazy Train

Welcome aboard The Crazy Train - Emotionally14's flagship podcast dedicated to one theme: there are no rails. Ever. Encompassing a wide range of subjects, from movies to TV to gaming, we'll give you a piece of our minds even if there's nothing in them, and you'll bloody love it. Where will the Crazy Train go?


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