Saturday 16 May 2015

Crazy Train Appreciation Month - Episode 16!

In this episode of The Crazy Train...

  • We talk trains.
  • Blake reminds us not to talk about the pie talking about the pie factory.
  • Rob gives a little disclaimer about Episode 15.
  • Rob talks about a gig he attended the night before.
  • Rob encounters the brother of The Trash Wizard (maybe)
  • Omer tells a story about posing as a band member.
  • Rob tells a story about encountering his biggest fan (which isn't saying much, when you hear the story).
  • We imagine a slight variation on the Star Wars Saga.
  • Rob encounters the son of The Trash Wizard (almost certainly)
  • We talk about our problems with local artists.
  • We talk about mediocrity (we're not experts or anything...too awesome)
  • Blake and Rob talk about their experiences at the ale festival.
  • Rob reads some fantastic junk mail.
  • Brad rants on *the* advert for 2013.
  • Brad tells one of his favourite jokes ever.
  • Omer talks about an advert he can't locate online.
  • We talk about the new Thomas The Tank Engine.
  • We talk about Collectors' Items.
  • We tease some episodes of Deadliest Warrior.
  • Brad gives you a weird mental image (which we proceed to make weirder still)
  • BONUS: We hear an audio message from star of Episode 14 and 15 Marc Cummins.

Starring: Rob Wade, Blake Harmer, Omer Ibrahim, Brad Harmer

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below (either here or on the video) and keep it tuned to E14's Youtube page for more from our flagship podcast, The Crazy Train!

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