Thursday 7 May 2015

Crazy Train Appreciation Month - Episode 7!

On this episode:

  • We're trying something new - our pizza is coming and we're podcasting in the meantime!
  • Omer doesn't have a train fact (sort of).
  • Rob tells a story about a weird acting lawsuit.
  • Rob tells the story about being "The man behind the Fire Train"
  • Omer tells a story about travelling on a train where the announcer glitched.
  • Blake tells a story about his favourite theme park moment.
  • Omer tells a story about the most epic road trip he's ever taken (musically)
  • We talk about partially chewed chicken.
  • We talk paint.
  • Blake talks about his house, and the dog-ravaged bits.
  • We talk about the worst injuries we ever received.

Starring: Rob Wade, Omer Ibrahim, Blake Harmer

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below (either here or on the video) and keep it tuned to E14's Youtube page for more from our flagship podcast, The Crazy Train!

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