Friday 2 September 2011

E14 Exchange

Rob : Why does everyone in Gillingham walk like a crab? Seriously, the town's become Mos Eisley.
Brad: They all look like they're made out of spare parts, don't they?
Rob : That's being generous. It's like someone used necromancy on a kebab.

Rob : LA Noire is win.
Brad: So I hear.
Brad: I'm gonna try and knock down the games in my pile before buying any more.
Rob : I'm doing the same, hit a wall in Portal 2 so I thought I'd play this.
Brad: You'd think hitting a wall wouldn't be a problem with Portal 2...

Brad: You a Rocky fan, anyway? Just curious, as I'm surprised how much it's divided my friends.
Rob : I like Rocky ok. I prefer Wagon Wheels.
Brad: Penguins FTW.
Rob : I like Rocky 2 best, though I was half-watching them.
Brad: Is this misunderstanding intentional? Our deadpan skills have evolved to the point where I don't even know if this sentence is sarcastic or not.
Rob : Hehe.
Brad: Was...that sarcastic?
Rob : Yes?
Brad: Is this?
Rob : I don't know myself now.

Rob : I've spent the morning clicking endlessly on links, while listening to Dream Theater. I am being *paid* to listen to Dream Theater.
Brad: That's more than Mike Portnoy can say.
Rob : I imagine his basic wage is better though.

Brad: You know the most unintentionally hilarious thing about Highlander 2?
Rob : Go on.
Brad: Well, there have been some bad sequels in movie history, right?
Rob : Yeah, for sure. More so in gaming, though. Or at least less popular ones.
Brad: Highlander 2 is so bad...Highlander 3 ignores that it ever happened.
Rob : Nice.
Brad: And I don't mean that it's clumsily ret-conned. Highlander 3 continues straight on from the end of the first movie, with no reference to, or mention of the fact there was ever a Highlander 2.
Rob : Amazing.

Rob : Star Wars is up.
Brad: Always is.
Rob : ...You call your penis 'Star Wars'?
Brad: 'General Veers'.
Rob : Right.

Brad: *stares*
Rob : I've got Paul doing that to me as well now :p
Brad: This is how memes start.
Rob : Indeed. *stairs*.
Brad: That's probably one of my favourite Dickass DM gags, ever.
Rob : ...I can't see.

Rob : You ok dude?
Brad: No, I'm going to kill everyone I work with.
Rob : Deadline days causing tension?
Brad: That and I'm on holiday next week, meaning I have to cram two weeks work into two days.
Rob : Ah.
Brad: How are you?
Rob : Alright, waiting on software to install so I can test. Haven't actually technically done any work today.
Brad: I want your job. Well, I would, if it came with a salary.
Rob : You usually have a *less* active one.
Brad: True.
Rob : I've only seen people worked slower at mortuaries.

Rob : Rumour has it Amy Winehouse is dead.
Brad: Has been for a few years now.

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