Thursday 7 July 2011

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Adam's Venture - Episode 2: Solomon's Secret
Iceberg Interactive
Available Now - PC
Review by Blake Harmer

After escaping from the Caverns of Eden in the first game, Adam Venture and co carry on their search for the lost Garden of Eden in 1920's Jerusalem and become entangled in a thickening plot featuring a ruthless dig for the ancient King Solomon's treasure - but is there more to this than meets the eye?

Following on from the buggy and thankfully brief first instalment, Adam's Venture - Episode 2: Solomon’s Secret doesn’t really do a lot to build on the previous game. The characters are bland, the story is uninspired, and the game is ridiculously short (you can probably finish it in an afternoon). The game also hasn’t fixed its control system, which is still frustrating and makes me long for the good old days of simple mouse based point and click adventuring.

If there was anything to praise this second instalment on is that the puzzles are slightly more of a challenge than the previous instalment, and there are fewer bugs this time around (if you can count that as praise). However, most of what makes an adventure game truly great is a strong story and lots of character, and Adam’s Venture - Episode 2: Solomon's Secret has neither. So unless you desperately want to find out what happens to Adam after the first episode, there is very little I can recommend this on.

The Emotionally Fourteen Games Rating
Fairly good for a budget title but nothing truly outstanding.
Sound: Average at best, nothing really to shout about.
Gameplay: A third-person adventure game with dodgy controls and with a lacklustre story and characters. Some puzzles are an improvement over the first game though.
Lasting Appeal: Very short, with very little replay value.
Summary: Whilst there are some improvements to the previous game, this is still an uninspiring and buggy mess, and even with a budget price, it is over so quick that you’ll still feel short changed. 3/10

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