Friday 14 May 2010

E14 Exchange

Brad: Hot pants.
Rob: ...Cheers? I don't like them much myself, Christmas present
Brad: Just thought I'd try something different from "Hello" or "I hate your face", or "Aren't You Supposed To Be At Work?".
Rob: Fair enough...It's not the best I've heard, but it's by no means the worst.
Rob: I had an idea for this year’s Halloween costume.
Brad: Telesales worker?
Rob: Nope, better.
Brad: Unemployable douche?
Rob: No, I wanted to dress up.
Brad: Internet "journalist"?
Rob: Nope.
Brad: Pyramid Head?
Rob: No, but it does involve prosthesis, presumably papier-maché.
Brad: The word "and"? Pre-Menstrual Tension?
Rob: When does this stop?
Brad: When I'm right!
Rob: But I've got stuff to do next month!
Brad: Go on then, what is it?
Rob: *Shows Brad*
Brad: I would say "no one will know you you're meant to be"...but I said that to Blake last year, and he still went as Ryuk from "Death Note". Everyone else assumed he was "a really, really gay "The Crow". Of course, I went as Rick Dagless, MD, so I've not the best judge. Three people got it...I explained to the first two people...after that, I just said "I'm a mad scientist".

Brad: You know what's really subliminally annoying about both anime and JRPGs?
Rob: Go on.
Brad: The background music.
Rob: Ok...In what way?
Brad: I can't quite figure out how it can be both hyperbollically overdramatic and plinky-plonky in equal measure. Sometimes simultaneously.
Rob: Ahhhhhhh.
Brad: Needs more Akira Yamaoka (creator of Silent Hill soundtracks)
Rob: Doesn't everything? Including, come to think of it, my CD collection.
Brad: He would make Rainbow a darker TV show, that's for sure.
Rob: I'd watch the shit out of that show.
Brad: Zippy, George and Pyramid Head is an awesome line-up.
Rob: Wow, I suppose Bungle is the dead weight...
Brad: Trying to get my BlackBerry to display its pin is really hard...what does it want?
Rob: Blackberries have PINs?
Brad: Yeah, it's basically MSN for BlackBerrys (BlackBerries?).
Rob: Oh right.
Brad: Of course, I only know one other person with a BlackBerry, and she's already on it's pretty moot, I guess.
Rob: Who's that?
Brad: Omer's girlfriend.
Rob: Ahhh.
Brad: This is the only phone I've ever had with a fucking "Help" option.
Rob: Mine only helps if I leave it too long without choosing an option. Mine helps me to help myself.

Brad: I still have a problem with Japanese fantasy. I know I should admire its creativity, but I just end up sneering at its retardedness.
Rob: I can recommend some videos for that.
Brad: How tentacley are they, exactly?
Rob: They're real some.
Rob: *Watching Sherlock Hound* - Mrs Hudson just got kidnapped, and Hound just walked in and went "the unmistakeable smell of sleeping gas". How is he still conscious?
Brad:: That’s awesome. "Ah, the unmista..."*crumple*

The Hunger meets Countess Dracula by way of Blade and The Matrix in Blood, an erotically charged vampire shocker with more bite than most contemporary horror offerings and featuring enough sizzling sex scenes, lashings of swordplay and stylized martial arts action to keep every genre fan happy.

Recently demoted within the ranks of the police force for exposing several highly respected officials involved in a political scandal, Detective Hoshino (Kanji Tsuda) is reduced to investigating long-shelved, unsolved cases just before their respective statutes of limitations expire. His latest assignment leads him to the mansion of a voluptuous, reclusive heiress, Miyako Rozmberk (Aya Sugimoto), to investigate the 14-year-old murder of one of her former maids. After claiming she has already told the police everything she knows concerning the case, Miyako announces to Hoshino that she knows the identity of the man responsible for the killing, identifying him as Ukyo Kuronuma (Jun Kaname), a mysterious businessman with powerful connections.

Having tracked down the newly revealed suspect, Hoshino is shocked to catch Ukyo in the act of slashing the throat of a naked young girl chained up in his headquarters. Discovering that the detective was led to him following the tip-off from Miyako, Ukyo reveals that he is, in actual fact, a vampire who was ‘turned’ 160 years ago by Miyako herself. Already as much under Miyako’s spell and Ukyo, Hoshino soon finds himself involved in a deadly love triangle in which he must battle one demon bloodsucker for the affections of another.

Directed by Ten Shimoyama and starring Aya Sugimoto, Kanji Tsuda (Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl; 20th Century Boys; The Grudge) and Jun Kaname (Casshern), Blood gives a sexy and unexpectedly bloody, modern day spin to the Gothic, vampire femme fatale type of characters made popular by many of Hammer Films’ seminal 1960s and 1970s horror movies.

Blood (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£15.99) by MVM Entertainment on 3rd May 2010.

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