Friday 19 February 2010

E14 Exchange - Rob's Illness Edition

A short while ago, Rob was ill with an unknown ailment. Despite it turning out to be a relatively minor chest infection, we thought we'd share Brad's attempt at playing Doctor.

Rob : I'm going to see a doctor at some point in the near future.
Brad: A proper one, or one of those Spider-Man Villain Doctors?
Rob : Which ever is free when I am, I suppose.
"What do you reckon the problem is then, doc?"
"That pesky web-slinger has foiled my plan to convert the city's water supply to opium!"

Brad: What do you need to see them about?
Rob : I don’t know of anything definite really, it feels like my lungs aren't working as well as they should.
Brad: Cut back on smoking?
Rob : By that logic, I need to start MAKING cigarettes.
Brad: Nah, you just take up smoking, and then cut back again.
What can possibly go wrong?
Rob : …How long did you smoke for again?
Brad: Nearly ten years.
Rob : Yeah, so that can go wrong. Why did you quit again?
Brad: Purely the cost. Which led to the scenario Blake summed up as: "So, you quit smoking cigarettes because you couldn't afford it, and now only smoke the finest Cuban cigars?"

Rob : ...Yeah...
Brad: So you getting breathing problems consistently?
Rob : Not breathing problems as such: I'm always yawning even when I first wake up, and yawning is your body's way of drawing in more breath for more oxygen, and that lasts all day. I'm still getting the spells of faintness.
Brad: You on caffeine?
Rob : I've cut down, but yeah.
Brad: There's your answer.
Rob : What, the cut-down?
Brad: I tried cutting back the caffeine in the run up to Christmas, and I felt like death warmed up. Relentless FTW.
Rob : I had a Relentless for the first time in months before Xmas, it was like being on acid. Not the drug, the corrosive stuff.

Brad: You getting any pain along with the yawning?
Rob : My back just now, but I am sitting awkwardly.
Brad: Nausea?
Rob : Not that I can recall.
Brad: Excessive sweating?
Rob : Define excessive?
Brad: Point. Do you actually feel tired when you're yawning?
Rob : Not consistently.
Brad: Have you been on heroin recently?
Rob : …Define recently…No.
Brad: Hunh. I must need to add a third symptom, then.
How are your stools? (That means poop)
Rob : More regular than usual, but then I've been eating better generally. The past couple of days have been misleading anyway, because obviously there was that whole "Two meals and a crap-ton of jalapenos" thing on New Year’s Eve.

Brad: Any sinus problems? Oh, Jesus...there's a "society problems" section... This might take a while.
Rob : Yes, mild irritation. But that's fairly consistent. I've got my mum's sinuses, they've always been temperamental.
Brad: Eye problems?
Rob : Nothing beyond them not working without glasses.
Brad: Sure? I thought your eye was bugging you the other day.
Rob : Oh yeah, the watering thing. I forgot about that. That could just be something on my finger that got in my eye though.
Brad: It's a good thing I'm a shitty doctor, because you're a really shitty patient. Right, I've whittled it down to five possible causes.
Rob : Shoot.
Brad: All of which are some kind of drug withdrawal, including Heroin and Morphine.
Rob : Why has someone set up a Twitter account for RIP Patrick Swayze? Surely it's got limited lifespan...
Rob : You'd do yourself so many favours by changing your msn name to Brad while we do DDM
Brad: Like this? Good point.
Rob : I know it's only a Find/Replace thing on Word, but it's one less thing to have to do eh? Find/Replace makes E14 exchange so much quicker.
Brad: Good idea.
Rob : I have those occasionally: Now without the headaches, so Win!

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  1. Any sinus problems?
    I read this as 'anus' problems at first sight, which made momentary sense because of the reference to the "crap-ton of jalapenos"...

    I'll get me coat. ;)