Friday 2 October 2009

E14 Exchange

Brad: I bet you can't finish this sentence without thinking about my erect penis.
Rob : You're clearly not very adept at this gambling lark.
Brad: You're clearly not very adept at your face.


Brad: We should do a webcast about home-made explosives. And Tesla coils.
Rob : No.
Brad: Gaylord.
Rob : I already spent money on a new car this year.
Brad: Yeah, home-made explosives are really cheap. I already know how to make Thermite. Don't ask me why. Just be content that I know.
Rob : Ok.
Brad: And gunpowder. But that kind of goes without saying. If you don't know how to make gunpowder, you probably don't have a penis.
And napalm. Although that's not really an explosive.
Rob : Still awesome though.
Brad: (Rob is currently looking up how to make gunpowder)
Rob : I'll happily admit i don't know. I thought I knew, blew my cock off.
Brad: Maybe not every guy knows then. Maybe most just didn't have a Dad as weird as mine.


Brad: I bought my dad (among other things) Alien Intruder for his birthday.
Rob : Weird. I thought you liked your dad.


Robert Wade is happy.
Brad: Who gave you permission to be so fucking happy? Now go and play that free video game I gave you earlier...I can't help but feel I'm being my own worst enemy here.
Rob : Saves me the trouble, at least.


Rob : How is it that Irn Bru was scrutinised by advertising standards, but Imperial Leather contains no trace of cow, and has its measurements in metric?

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  1. 'I thought you liked your dad'

    - Hilarious. (I'm not being sarcastic, either.)