Tuesday 1 June 2021

TumblingSaber Podcast - A STAR WARS HEADACHE

The following presentation is Emotionally14 Endorsed. We didn't make it ourselves, but the people that did are fantastic and we think that you'll like it!

In this week's episode, we discuss the latest installment of The Bad Batch called "Rampage" where Omega and the rest of boys end up on Ord Mantell, looking to rescue the young Muchi. Then we kick around a couple would-you-rathers, one being centered on a recent John Boyega comment, and one that will certainly give you a headache as Jarrod asks us to commit to media choices while forgoing the rest. It hurts. I'm telling you it hurts.

We're glad to be in your ears and would love to hear from you! Send an email with your thoughts and questions to tumblingsaber@gmail.com, or find us in our closed TumblingSaber Facebook group. We'd love to see you there. If Twitter is your thing, you can find me, Cory, and Carlos there as well!

Thanks for listening to the podcast! See you next week!

TumblingSaber Podcast
A Star Wars Podcast

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