Monday 17 June 2019

No Talk Star Wars Podcast this week - Oh, My Condolences!

Hello there!

It's a bit of bad news this week unfortunately, but thankfully only this week. This is not one of those updates where I'm going to say "I'm done" or anything like that. Nothing like that is happening so no need to worry.

In short, Brad is away this week, and rather than scramble around trying to find a temporary replacement and put a show together, it got me thinking:

When was the last time I took a break from the show? Even for a week?

The answer probably isn't that surprising for some of you. It's been 18 months. The last time I took a break was before Episode 100. Even on weeks where Brad wasn't about before, I either put together something else, got someone else on as a guest or even ran solo! Those didn't even turn out too bad at all, if I do say so myself!

Well, not this week. I've done more than enough to earn a week off, even podcasting through periods of personal instability and family stuff late last year that would've caused some people to stop for a decent length period. So I'm taking one.

I am sure that you will understand - my inbox is open if you have questions or feedback (Please, no "I'd have been on if you'd asked" - that sort of misses the point!). - you all know it, and if not, now you do!



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