Thursday 25 January 2018

Aaron's Classic Corner - January 2018

Here we go again! This guy is voicing his opinions about some old stuff and why he likes them. Don’t you just love it? Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you? It’s wonderful. So with that being said, let’s knock this bad boy out.

The Film – Jaws

Watched this again lately and I have to say, it holds up like a motherfucker. At no point did I look at Bruce the shark 43 years after release and think to myself “that is some bad shark, Harry”.

It totally competes and surpasses most movies today when it comes to effects; much like how Jurassic Park does too; another Spielberg great. For me though, this is Spielberg’s masterpiece. The writing is fantastic, his direction brings in all the suspense that other directors could only dream of, and the acting is flawless, especially when Quint (played incredibly by Robert Shaw) tells his one-take monologue of the USS Indianapolis.

My only quaff with this film is Richard Dreyfuss’ irritating “boys…oh, boys!” line. And that score! One of the most iconic pieces of cinematic music and it sticks with you forever, because of what – catchiness? No. Two notes. You hum those two notes and people know exactly what you’re about. Boom. Genius. John Williams is officially a gangsta.

Other than that, not a movie to mess with. An all-round banger.

The Album – Black Sabbath: Master of Reality

Arguably their best album, though for me there is no contest. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the albums that came before or after, but for me, Master of Reality was when they really nailed the sound they seemed to be going for.

It’s heavy, it’s groovy, and just an all-round powerhouse with all four members really giving it all it’s got. This was the album that paved the way for what we know today as “doom” or “stoner rock/metal” or “sludge”.

Man, how many subgenres does rock/metal want? It’s ridiculous! Though I guess that’s the price you pay for playing your own instruments, right?

But yeah, this for me is definitely their standout album that was so ahead of its time that it hasn’t aged a day – musically or production-wise.


The Game – Fable II

The best of the franchise for me.

It ironed out the problems with the first one and added a whole bunch of new shit to keep the player engaged.

This fantastic tongue-in-cheek swords & sorcery fantasy roleplaying game (Fuck me, that was a mouthful) is hours of fun with likeable characters throughout and possibly boasts the highest amount of replay value, especially for its time.

Do you go good? Do you go evil? Or do you go neutral? Who do you let live or die? And for what reasons?

This game is so good that a mere paragraph on E14 cannot do it justice.

Love it!

Well that’s it from me, folks! See you in February!

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