Thursday 14 December 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review of "The Punisher"

It’s not often that I review a series. In fact, I’m wondering if I even have up until now.

I dunno, ask Rob, he seems to keep all of my reviews in a pile on the mantelpiece under some black candles and a picture of my in a heart-shaped frame, along with a copy of “Carbon Based Lifeforms” as some sort of shrine to me, so he’d be the guy to ask.

I however don’t remember doing so, so let’s crack on regardless!

I knew this series was coming for quite some time (as I’m sure you did too, they were hardly quiet about it), but it was only recently that I realised Frank Castle was going to be portrayed by Jon Bernthal, of whom I’m quite a fan.

Plus, as a man who’s not a fan of Marvel at all, making me somewhat of a pariah here at E14, especially when you couple that with my disdain for Star Wars in recent years, but The Punisher has always been a big hit with me, and this Netflix series adaptation only cements that further.

We all know the story of Frank Castle: his family gets murdered, he’s somewhat miffed about it, and he goes on a killing spree of vengeance. And that’s pretty much how that sevens turn of the story plays out in this series, in fact I think it may have taken longer to type that sentence than it does for the revenge killings and conclusions take to play out in the first episode!

"So what now?" I hear the masses chant. Well, now we go deeper, into what got this whole mess of balls rolling, and why.

Now, as previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of Marvel, so I’m sure there are plenty of in-jokes and references throughout the series that went completely over my head, but in no way did this make me enjoy the show less. In fact, I thought it was fucking awesome!

There were guns, blood, explosions, mumbling, knives, lacerations, cool executions and loud grunts a-plenty! The story was well driven and you often felt yourself on Frank’s side, often finding yourself caught off-guard at critical moments of the plot that just weren’t seen coming by the likes of us non-comic book nerds.

My only critique was that it felt a bit propaganda-y at times. Admittedly, not too much of it was surplus to the story, but if I wanna see something that shoves “one two three four, I love the marine corps!” down my throat, I’ll just watch American Sniper again, thank you very much!

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Verdict: Other than that, this was a great show and I cannot wait to see what comes of it! 8.5/10

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