Thursday 7 December 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review of "1922"

I always find it somewhat delightful when period dramas (mehe!) infuse horror into their tales. It gives it an extra dose of desperation because no one had phones, let alone mobiles where they can just ring the old bill or send a tweet about their situation (“paranormal intruder in my home wreaking havoc! Think I’m gonna die! #fml #justsayin”) so the options for survival become a little more primal, which is always bangin’!

So, with that being said, let’s get into it!

1922 is the story of a man and his son who conspire to kill the lady of the house after she threatens divorce, moving her son away from his new lady love, and flogging off the farm.

Our main man Wilfred (portrayed quite brilliantly by Stephen King movie regular and E14 favourite Thomas Jane) who knows nothing about getting by outside of farming, straight up 213’s that bitch! Kapow!

But of course, the presence of his wife and other prying eyes are still present, even after her death…


That’s a ghost noise, by the way. Not me cheering him on (though arguably she did have it coming).

As Stephen King adaptations go, this for me is one of the better ones in recent years (with the exception of IT and Gerald’s Game), as it has that real timely feel and plays out in a way that a novella should. As a horror film, though, it’s somewhat of a slow burner.

Now, that's fine if you’re going in with an open mind and/or are familiar with the original story thus knowing what to expect, but if it’s a balls-out scream fest you’re after, then you might be disappointed.

The acting is fantastic and the story unfolds quite beautifully with a great sense of unease throughout the film from start to finish, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to direction and good writing.

However, to include this title in one of your movie nights with buddies could bring a downer on the evening, and may even provoke one or two of your guests to suddenly remember they have to be up early the following morning before even getting to John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Verdict: Great paranoia film, but maybe not one for the masses. 6.5/10

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