Friday 23 September 2016

E14 Toybox #2: The Quest Constantinues...

In this edition of the E14 Toybox, intrepid host Rob Wade explores a premise:

Does the change in format with the new Toybox brand improve his luck at all? The best way, as always, is to open a Trinity War booster and to find out if John Constantine turns up! Why not let's do that then?

For a bit of additional fun, during the video, Rob uses the Starfighter52 scoring system, made famous by this channel:

Starfighter52 on Youtube

The scoring system works thusly:

Rules for this challenge:

Chases are worth 10pts
Super rares are worth 5pts
Primes are 3pts
Extra pieces (Clix FX, attachable piece, etc) is 2pts
Each trait is worth .25pts or 1/4 pts

Booster score: 7 1/4 (1 Super Rare, 1 Relic, 1 trait)

Rob Wade blogs about stuff he likes. Whether it's video games or geek media for Emotionally14 or writing about speculative theories for future films on Talk Star Wars, the focus is always on the stuff that brings the most pleasure to his life within media. Rob is the host of the E14 podcasts "The Crazy Train" and "The E14 Gamecast", as well as the host of The E14 Toybox on E14's Youtube channel. He also appears on the Talk Star Wars podcasts.

Rob Wade on Twitter

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