Friday 8 April 2011

E14 Exchange

Rob: I'm off mate, catch you later.
Brad: Cool. LAtes
* Laters
Or Lattes.
Whatever workds.
Fuck this.
Brad: My girlfriend and I frequently do convoluted "Your Mum X" type burns. I think she's going to have to go some to top: "Your Mum denies that the Holocaust ever happened!".
Rob : That is pretty hard to do.

Rob: I’ll be on in a few, having some computer issues.
Brad: At home or work?
Rob: Am I at home or work? Home at the minute.
Brad: Ah, I blame Liz, then.
Rob: Okay. Out of interest, who would be at fault if I was at work?
Brad: Liz.
Rob: ...Right.
Brad: Paul Verhoeven is a strong contender for "E14 Messsiah".
Rob: David Hayter makes a good case as well, IMO.
Brad: He is the Geek's Geek, that's for sure. Seth Green is also an absolute legend.
Rob: Also true.
Brad: And, y'know...Us.
Brad: : There are four Critters movies?!
Rob: Well yeah, there's Critters, Critters 2: Critters Harder, Critters with a Vengeance and Baby's Day Out. I originally was going to opt for Live Free or Critters, but that seemed too obvious.

Brad: All my video-gaming friends seem orgasmic over the fact I've finally bought a PS3.
Rob: I'm pleased, but I dunno about orgasmic.
Brad: Then whose spunk is this?
Rob: ...Still mine, but I was thinking about baseball.
Brad: Up for Arkham Horror tonight?
Rob: I'll have to pass unless we can videoconference it.
Brad: Just thought I'd ask. You made it back for Call of Cthulhu.
Rob: I did; it's a fair question, and I will be at one in the not too distant future.
Brad: There needs to be a word that's one step above "win".
Rob: Wade.
Brad: I had "Ian".
Rob: That works better.
Rob: LA Noire is day one purchase material for me.
Brad: Same here. When is it? May time?
Rob: Yeah, 20th I think.
Brad: Will you be able to see the screen over your hard on?
Rob: Just about, it's a 32 incher.
Brad:The screen, right?
Rob: Why not.

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