Friday 11 June 2010

E14 Exchange

Brad: Check this out (NSFW - ed.)
Rob: OH....MY...GOD...
Brad: #2, right?
Rob: Yeah...What the fuck? Can't they just get a normal dildo and some glitter? Or...a life?
Brad: "Wacky Twilight Shit Reviews", anyone?
Rob: Sold.
Rob: Something just crapped on my window...Jesus, there must be a bird somewhere in Brighton that is seriously ill...
Brad: Or a gang of them doing it in synch.
Rob: That'd take more co-ordination than I believe seagulls to be capable of.
Brad: They've announced LEGO Star Wars III - was in Star Wars Insider this month. Okay, you've probably known about it for months, but it was news to me.
Rob: First I've heard of it, I'm wondering what it's going to be about.
Brad: The Clone Wars.
Rob: Oh.
Brad: You were picturing LEGO Vong, weren't you?
Rob: God help me, I was.

Rob: Man, these books are going to keep me busy for a while.
Brad: I dare say. I'm on a 1,000 word book myself.
Rob: 1,000 words? Don’t you mean 10,000? or 100,000?
Brad: Sorry, I mean 1,000 pages.
Rob: I was going to say, I'm writing 1,000 words now!
Brad: "This is a little flimsy for £9.99..."
Brad: Out of the three members of Bender Crack Corn, only one of us was really keen to get in drag. See if you can guess who.
Rob: Was it you?
Brad: No, I argued against me doing it, for the sake of the audience. Think about where my leg is when I'm playing tea-chest. If I wear a skirt, it'll be SAN rolls for the first five rows.
Rob: Good point.

Brad: Apparently you have a webcam.
Rob: Turns out, yeah.
Brad: Thanks for that, MSN. Made my day, that has.
Rob: My MSN is playing up.
Brad: Seems fine from here.
Rob: Seems to be on now.
Brad: Gremlins.
Rob: The Breakfast Club. What are we doing?
Brad:: Better that than Gremlins II. Not even Christopher Lee could save that piece of shit.

James Conner’s childhood is destroyed in a flash of a single gunshot when his father is murdered by the town’s psychotic saloon owner Will Tunney.

Fifteen years later James returns as an aimless bounty hunter, to claim the bounty on Will’s head and reunite with his childhood sweetheart, Mary Cooper. Will has become even more powerful and crushes James, leaving him for dead.

When two Native Americans, Washakie and Miakoda find James they challenge him to forgive and not seek vengeance. James must look within himself to release his past and not be ruined by it.

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