Friday 11 December 2009

E14 Exchange

Brad: Yoda FTW.
Rob : I said as much to my dad on Saturday.
Brad: I say it to my Dad every chance I get. Or indeed, anyone.
Rob : I was gonna say...
Brad: Yoda VS Separatist Tank Batallion FTW.
Brad: Have you seen Facebook today? It seems like everyone's up in arms about someone getting voted off of the X-Factor. I could have told them that was the format of the show.
Brad: You're in for my Dad's movie night on Saturday, then?
Rob : Not sure if I'm working yet, in any case I think I'll have to pass.
Brad: Gay. You used to be cool.
Rob : ...Dude, I never was.
Brad: You used to be cooler.
Rob : I'll concede on that.
Brad: If you were a movie night, it would go to you.
Rob : That's a moot point, surely.
Brad: Fucked your mum.
Rob : It had been a while, I was beginning to worry.
Brad: She hadn't grown over, or anything.
Rob : ...I was going to say I thought you two had fallen out or something.
Brad: I'm putting out a hit on you.
Rob : You're what? hitting on me?
Brad: Yeah, why not.
Rob : I can think of a few reasons
Brad: I can't.
Rob : ...
Brad: ...
Rob : ...Please try.

The Wolfman is released in UK cinemas 12th February 2010

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